Are You Sharing Lockdown Love?

So Sydney is now approaching the 9th week of lockdown with no end in sight to us being able to get back to normal.  Melbourne is also in lockdown as well as the entire state of NSW and ACT.  And in looking at the numbers of COVID cases continuing to climb, it does not look like we will get out of lockdown until November – bugger!

With this dragging on and on, and the politicians saying that they are doing everything they can without success, things are starting to feel a bit harder.  I am noticing that many people are starting to feel the impact of this lockdown and it is affecting their work, mindset and energy levels.

So what can you do?  I think that we need to start sharing some Lockdown Love!  We need to look for ways to let other people know we are thinking about them.  Here are a few ideas:

Play an Online Game With them.  There are a lot of great free online trivia platforms that you can use to play a game with other people you know online at the same time.  We often link to them on Zoom and then go to a trivia site that will run the questions for us and allow us to have some fun competition.  A couple sites to check out include:  Kahoot – which has a range of different types of Trivia games like geography, sport, movies and more.   Skribblio – which is an online version of Pictionary.  One person selects what they need to draw and the others have to guess it.   

Send Someone a Simple Gift.  It can be something that they may appreciate and something that  brings a little smile to their face.  One option is to find something simple and order it online and have it sent to their home.   This could include flowers, chocolate or even a hamper.  I recently sent a gift  hamper from The Hamper Emporium that had some food and champagne to one of my staff that is making a bigger difference – thanks Kat! (  

Send Someone a Unique Gift.  Sometimes you may have a relative or best friend that just needs something a little more.  Often you want to find something a bit special that may not be found in every retail store.  I recommend checking out Dirty Janes Vintage.  They have physical stores in Bowral and Canberra, however they ship across Australia.  They are filled with unique vintage and recycled gifts that are really unique and will definitely make a positive impression and some lockdown love – (

I think if more of us shared some Lockdown Love with others, it would just make things a bit easier for everyone.  To gather some insights that you can use as a leader and provide some leadership hacks to help you and your team get through lockdown, please Click Here for a Free 20 minute Consultation.