Expanded and Updated Second Edition of Leadership Hacks, which includes New Hybrid Hacks

With rapid change and hybrid workplaces becoming the new way of working, leaders are struggling to achieve their outcomes.  With this fully revised and updated edition of Leadership Hacks,  you’ll discover how to cut through the madness and get back to achieving results.

Author Scott Stein has helped thousands of business leaders—from CEO’s to front-line managers to small-business owners—identify ways to make a difference to the people they manage and the tasks they undertake. Here, he details hacks at a personal, one-on-one and team level, to give you the tips, tricks and advice you need to rise above the daily deluge and make real progress. Learn how to:

  • identify what distractions slow you down
  • fast-track your productivity to do more in less time
  • streamline delegation so your people perform faster
  • re-route meetings into productive outcomes
  • learn the communication and technology shortcuts that get faster results. Leadership Hacks shows you how to hack your day, shift your approach and boost your communication to start leading in a more effective and efficient way.

Leadership Hacks 1st Edition

Leadership Hacks is the smart leader’s guide for achieving more in less time. As the evolving business environment leaves many leaders struggling to achieve outcomes against constantly shifting priorities, competitors, and deadlines, this book shows you how to sort through the madness and get back to obtaining results.

The Order

How often have you felt like you were too busy and overwhelmed with tasks to complete?   In a world where we are faced with unlimited choices and limited time, businesses, leaders, and people are finding it hard to stay focused and it is costing us at work and home.

In this book, you will discover:

  • 5 common trends impacting work and home that are taking many people off  path
  • How you can apply Native American principles that have lasted the test of time to do the things that matter
  • Practical strategies to identify your critical path forward using the Sacred order
  • The importance of seeking the wisdom of elders and how this can open new realms of possibility
  • A range of critical pathways that have been mapped to help fast track your momentum in business and life

If you are a leader looking for strategies to unlock the power of your people or an individual who wants to lift your positive impact on those around you then this book is for you.


The Thought Leaders Practice

An expert is someone who knows something. A thought leader is someone who is known for knowing something.  If you can leverage your personal brand as an expert, you can build a practice that helps you make the difference you were born to make.

This book shows you how to take what you know and develop it into an advice-based professional consulting practice.  Inside the authors unpack a step-by-step process that will help you build a ‘business’ around brand you.

This book, written by three ‘black belt’ thought leaders, will enable you to:

  • Earn $500,00 to $1,500,00 a year working 50-200 days with 1 or 2 support staff.
  • Move from being a low paid coach, speaker, trainer, author, facilitator or consultant to one who is richly rewarded for the value they bring to others.
  • Shift from employee to thought leader.
  • Learn from a range of thought leaders who have successfully implemented this methodology.

Thought Leaders

This book is a call to action for you to think well!  We want you to capture your great ideas and package them up so you can share them with others and ensure that your ideas get out into the world and be so valued that you will be commercially rewarded for them.

This amazing book will enable you to:

  • Position yourself or your key people as the ‘go to’ subject-matter experts in your industry so you stand out from the crowd
  • Use Thought Leadership strategically to attract and retain the best talent
  • Move beyond consulting and step into Thought Leadership to get greater commercial leverage from your ideas
  • Understand the business necessity of Thought Leadership and harness it for competitive advantage
  • Unpack an accessible plan for developing expertise by mastering the nine core skills of Thought Leadership.


This book is a call to action, an invitation for you to bring your thinking into the world.  This book is about moving from being someone who knows something to someone who is known for knowing something and able to derive fabulous commercial gain from that.

This amazing book will enable you to:

  • Earn $500,00 to $1,500,000 a year selling your thoughts 50-200 days a year with 1-2 key staff.
  • Move from low-paid coach, speaker, trainer, author, facilitator or consultant to one who is richly rewarded for the value they bring to others.
  • Learn how to shift from employee to Million-Dollar Expert!
  • Understand the pitfalls that limit most people’s success in growing their own business practice and strategies to overcome them.
  • Learn from a range of successful Million-Dollar Expert Program Black Belts who have already used this information to successfully grow their business practice.