Practical insights and get people laughing

With the COVID pandemic sweeping the globe, many organisations are looking for short and engaging sessions to help provide practical insights and get people laughing.  Scott delivers a number of online live keynotes that can provide that lift that many people need.

How to Get Your Bounce Back!

Increasing Resilience in Uncertain Times

Do you have multiple projects and deadlines that are creating stress?

Have the long hours and workload started to drain your energy?

This live and interactive keynote session is designed to help provide a boost.  The session involves interactive discussions, virtual breakout rooms and the famous ‘Have a whinge’ session.

Components Include:

  • Live Poll of Participants to Identify Current Stress
  • What happens when people burnout:  The Physical & Mental Drain
  • Identifying The 4 Keys to Building Resilience (aka getting your bounce back!)

Strategies to Make Hybrid & Virtual Working Work

Improving your Productivity & Connection

Many organisations are shifting to a blended or hybrid workforce with many staff working virtually from home.  Scott shifted his business from a physical office based in Sydney to a virtual workforce over 20 years ago.  As someone who has operated a national team, he has gathered insights and provided advice to others including what you need to do to make it work.


Components Include:

  • The 3 common virtual work models—and the pro’s & con’s
  • Insights on how to ensure people stay productive & connected
  • The 7 common pitfalls that many companies make in moving to virtual workforce

Why Most Virtual Meetings are Boring and What to Do About it!

How to keep our team connected

Many organisations are shifting to a blended or hybrid workforce with many staff working

With the COVID pandemic and lockdowns, many teams have had to shift the way they work to a virtual environment.  Although managers had to quickly understand how to use new software and start meeting this way with their people, many do not know how to make it work and keep people connected.

Components Include:

  • The 5 key variables that determine if a virtual meeting will be successful
  • Practice tips on how to keep people engaged in virtual meetings
  • The Do’s & Don’ts of Virtual Meeting Success