Developing a collective strategy

We have found that many strategy and planning sessions lack the ability to clearly identify outcomes and use a process that keeps the group on track. Many leadership teams are tasked with identifying the vision and the template moving forward, however, given the amount of disruption across most industries, this can become more challenging than ever.

Scott was trained by Jerry McNellis in a process called Compression Planning that ensures your group will cover more territory — and reach agreement in a condensed amount of time. It is a visual process that allows small groups to collectively identify the way forward and collectively prioritise the strategy framework. Compression Planning uses a timed process to ensure that the group stays on path and arrives with a unified approach. More importantly, they will walk away with a written strategy document with written action plans.

A Compression Planning Strategy Session

Allows a small group of people to collectively identify a plan that they can use moving forward

Encourages collaboration and challenging of ideas to ensure the best possible outcome

Provides a process that allows the entire group to identify, prioritise and develop a strategy moving forward

Develops and identifies a communication touchpoint strategy to ensure others buy into the strategy

Enables your people to walk away with a strategy that covered a broad range of topics and have both written action plans and communication plans Compression Planning is best suited for small groups of 5–15 people.

To find out more about how Scott can work with your people to take a range of scattered ideas combined with a number of perspectives from different staff and harness them into a collective strategy in less time, please get in touch.

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