Strategies you can use to influence your team

One crucial area that needs to be hacked is team meetings. Who hasn’t been to a meeting that was a waste of time? Add all of these meetings up including the time and lost productivity and this is a big opportunity that needs to be hacked.

Ask staff about their next team meeting and they will often complain about the amount of time taken, people talking in circles or most importantly not being clear on the purpose or outcome of the meeting. In this keynote, This keynote will provide your people with Team Meeting Hacks that they can use to improve the process and effectiveness of their next meeting.

Key messages include:

  • How Selecting the wrong type of meeting makes it useless
  • The 4 types of Team Meetings and which to use when
  • 5 Team Meeting Hacks that help you get better results in less time
  • How to use a virtual team meeting to save time and cost (including 5 hacks!)