Hacking Your Inbox

Many staff are complaining about the fast-pace of the business world that is constantly bringing in new communication and emails 24/7. Inboxes are constantly full of new information and as you’re reading one email, a new one is already coming in. For many people stay on top of their inbox is a challenge.

Even worse the volume of emails has increased, the time to read through and respond to emails has decreased. This has created a new dilemma where people go on autopilot and struggle through their inbox. In this keynote, Scott will share strategies and practical methods that can be used for people to stay on top of their emails.

Key messages include:

  • Why emails are overloading us and how this will get worse
  • Strategies to Hack your inbox that save you time
  • The 321-Zero approach that can turn emails into an easy game
  • How to hack the emails you send so you get responses and results faster