Are 1/3 of Your Staff About to Leave?

It is an interesting question isn’t it. According to the latest salary guide by Hays Recruiting, 38% of Australian employees plan on looking for a new job in the next 12 months. This is a shocking statistic that shows the fear of keeping a job in the pandemic is now a bit of a distant memory, and now that we are in a new financial year it is time to take a look at your workplace.

So my question to you is how are your staff feeling? Are they exhausted? Running on empty because they have had to do more with less over the past 12-18months? Do they feel under appreciated? How many may be planning to leave because the culture is draining the life out of them and are not feeling supported in their role?

As a leader, one of your biggest responsibilities is to create a culture that is inclusive and supports your people. With the challenges from COVID, many leaders have not focused on building up their people’s skills or recognising them for their hard work and efforts that they’ve put in. In addition a lot of leaders are exhausted and don’t have time to develop and coach their staff in the skills they need to perform at this new intensive pace. So what can you do to keep them? Firstly, start giving them the recognition that they deserve and start doing things to improve their capabilities and your team culture, so they want to stay.

One of my most popular programs has been my Leadership Hacks Fast Track Program that enables people to get more things done in less time and build this stronger, more supportive culture. The feedback from the leaders, managers and staff that have completed the program (virtually and in person!) has been how practical and easy it is to implement these new techniques.

So do yourself (and your people) a favour and look into how you can get your people to increase their effectiveness and their influence with others by using these practical Leadership Hack techniques.  

Please click for a Free 20 minute Consultation where I will show you some of the strategies that could be used to help you build this positive culture and provide strategies and techniques that engage your people and help them keep up and stay in front.

Remember to be the leader that people admire and look up to based on what you say and what you do!