Are you Leading or Following?

It looks like this time next week the Australian state of NSW will be lifting restrictions and starting to move toward normal, with Victoria not far behind.  In speaking with many leaders that have become quite exhausted with all the virtual working as well as the uncertainty that they have been facing.  

The challenge with uncertainty is that many leaders stop leading.  I had an interesting discussion with a leader this week around their vision and the way forward.  Whilst looking at what they wanted to do to help their people start making the transition to a hybrid workplace (with a mix of home and office work) they realised that they have been waiting for things to change before working through their strategy.  It was almost as if they were waiting for 100% certainty, which is a dangerous view in business and life as nothing is that certain!

Many leaders have become followers.  They are waiting to see what happens and not putting plans in place to help their people move forward.  

Unfortunately, this creates even more uncertainty from staff as they are looking for leaders that have a clear vision and help them stay active on the next step to move beyond the current limbo that many people have been stuck in for months.

So I have some questions for you:  Are you leading or following?  What have your actions and communication been demonstrating to your people?  Are you looking toward the brightness of the future and willing to map the way forward with your people, or are you waiting until ‘next year’ to start leading?

If history teaches us anything, it is that there are windows of transition that the leaders with foresight can see and take action on, before the rest of their industry or competitors.  This provides them with a massive competitive advantage by being in front and spring boarding forward.  So what is it that you could be moving forward on?  What opportunities are starting to emerge that you need to step up to and start leading your people toward?

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