Tapping into the Thought Leaders advantage

Are your market conditions getting more challenging and traditional methods of attracting business starting to lose their effectiveness? 

The Thought Leaders Advantage is about capitalising on the Thought Leaders in your organisation — whatever level they are at. Imagine what could be 3possible if you could get your people beyond their roles and turn them into gurus of your industry.

This session will identify what a Thought Leader is and how you can go about looking at developing a mindset to shift the way people are thinking. It looks at the trends in business and how critical it is to use Thought Leadership to position your brand and your people. As Co-author of the book Thought Leaders: How to Capture, Package and Delivery Your Ideas for Greater Commercial Success, Scott can help you gain this competitive advantage.

This strategy session will:

  • Demonstrate the 7 critical trends that make Thought Leadership an Imperative for any business
  • Identify the types of Thought Leaders and how they can improve your position in the marketplace
  • Recognise the 9 essential skills of Thought Leaders and how you can use this to start creating your internal expertise

Scott also works with businesses to develop their internal Thought Leadership Development Strategy.

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