Are you being decisive?

I have a question for you, are you a decisive leader? Do you gather the information, check with your people and then make a decision? Or are you one of those leaders that seems to sit or put off making a decision?

In a coaching session I had with a senior leader this week we were discussing his approach. Because many Australian cities have gone back into lockdown, he was reflecting on the impact that this was having across his business nationally. Whilst we spoke, it was clear that he had not communicated to his people about the way forward and if anything needed to be altered due to this situation.

So I asked him, what do you think your people want? No communication or reassurance of the way forward? He quickly realised that it was better to give them an update that their current strategy was still on track. He also realised that he had failed to be decisive and was waiting too long for every possible scenario to be over analysed before communicating to his people.

So what do you need to make a decision on? Is there something that you should have addressed as a leader that you have been avoiding? Are you not sure how to deliver the message to someone that could be challenging? Are you trying to decide on how to achieve more with your people?

One of my most popular programs has been my Leadership Hacks Fast Track Program that enables people to get more things done in less time and influence others to do the same. This includes quicker ways to influence, respond to requests and take action. The feedback from leaders, managers and staff that have completed the program (virtually and in person!), has been how practical and easy it has been to implement these new techniques.

So do yourself (and your people) a favour and look into how you can get your people to increase their effectiveness and their influence with others by using these practical Leadership Hack techniques.

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Remember to be the leader that makes these important decisions and communicate them to your people!