Are your people keeping up?

I was speaking to a number of CEO’s & mid-level managers about the current pace of business and on the back of the pandemic (with a few rolling restrictions predicted to continue over the next 6-12 months), the pace of activity has gone up.

If you think back to a little over a year ago, almost everyone was bunkered down and working from home in lockdown.  Everyone was racking up the Zoom meetings to connect (I even delivered almost 25 virtual training sessions in June/July last year!)  Things were very uncertain and only a few industries were still trading.

Fast forward to today and things are very different.  Almost all of the clients that I am working with have mentioned the same trend; not enough time or people to get through the current workload.  This is happening across industries with many people spread thin and exhausted from the changes over the past year.

So my question is what are you doing to help your people fast track their activity?  Have you put strategies in place to enable them to complete their role and still not feel overwhelmed?

One of my most popular programs has been my Leadership Hacks Fast Track Program that enables people to get more things done in less time.  This includes quicker ways to influence, respond to requests and take action. The feedback from the leaders, managers and staff that have completed the program (virtually or in person!) have commented on how practical and easy it has been to implement these new techniques.

So do yourself (and your people) a favour and look into how you can get your people to increase their effectiveness and their influence with others by using these practical Leadership Hack techniques and what better time to take advantage of being EOFY.

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Remember as a leader your role is to ensure that your people can keep up!