Are you ready to be inspired?

If you think back over the past 12 months it has been a real roller coaster.  The uncertainty of the pandemic, lockdown and toilet paper shortages have rocked our world.  For some industries things are going great and full speed ahead (electronics and bitcoin millionaires are smiling), whilst other industries are still struggling and in desperate need, including the charity sector.

Rather than asking for a handout, the charity Hands Across the Water does things a little differently.  Initially, founded by Peter Baines to assist a few Thai children, it has grown to supporting over 350 children and their communities in Thailand at 7 different homes on an annual basis.  The pandemic has hit the charity as it has not been able to run its fundraising events or Thailand bike rides.  The tourism industry has also had it very hard and in the Phuket region of Thailand (where the first home is located) they have experienced a 60% reduction in the economy due to the loss of tourism, with many people’s salaries down almost 90%.  

So what can we do?  Well, Hands do things a bit differently, to help cover the administration costs of the charity, a separate entity was set up a number of years ago to run events to add value and inspire others.  For the past 7 years (not including last year), Hands has run the Future of Leadership Conference Series across Australia and New Zealand.  This 1 day event allows you to attend and be inspired by some of the leading leadership experts on the planet and help generate funds to cover the staff that ensure the charity survives.

Even more inspirational, all the speakers donate their time to present at the event.  Yep, they do not charge their normal speaking rate of $10,000 per day.  In fact, they also cover their own travel expenses as they see how important the work is that Hands does.  Now that is inspirational!  The speakers include Matt Church, Erika Bradshaw, Justin Jones, Katrina Webb and many more.

So do yourself (and your people) a favour and commit to attending the Future of Leadership Conference in your location (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland & Wellington).

Better yet you can book now before the end of the financial year and also get a discount.  As a reader of my newsletter, you are able to receive a 15% discount when you book by using the code SCOTT15.  Just head to the Future of Leadership website to select your city, put in the promo code and you are in!

This is a chance to be inspired by some incredible speakers and make a difference to those in need at the same time!