Are You Ready for the Pre-Christmas Dash?

Yes, it’s that time of year once again.  Christmas lights are starting to go up, the kids are asking for the Christmas tree and many of us are looking forward to a break over the holidays.

This year has been hard.  It’s been a range of unexpected turns that has stretched us in ways that we wouldn’t have thought of.  For myself there was plenty of anxiety earlier in the year when the Australian Government went into lockdown and all work stopped.  I did enjoy the time with the family, but not all the extra eating we did and am still exercising those kilo’s off now!

Usually the last 2 weeks of work before Christmas are a mad dash of activity.  The pace at work increases and things go full steam ahead and people can’t wait for the break. This year it feels just a bit different. The pace has quickened, but the frantic hours and work stress seems to not be there.  For leaders many appear to be a bit exhausted and know that their people need a break, with some sense of normal.  

So what can you do to spread some Pre-Christmas Cheer?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Let Staff Know You Appreciate Them.  With many staff having to take pay cuts (and some still on them!), it is important to let the staff that are with you that you appreciate them.  This can be through shouting them morning tea, letting them leave a few minutes early to go to the beach with their family or letting them know that it would have been tough to reach the end of the year without them. 
  2. Share a Bit of Christmas Cheer.  Everyone knows that the normal staff bonuses will be non-existent this year as many businesses are fighting for their survival.  You can still have a bit of Christmas cheer by having a small staff Christmas drinks with some food.  This could be at a picnic enjoying the beautiful weather or it could be in the office or at a local restaurant to support the local community.  Rather than expensive gifts, think about giving something that staff will still value.  This can be a gift certificate to a local restaurant, movie tickets or a gift certificate to a day spa.  
  3. Staff Positive with People. With some of my clients I have noticed that a few of the leaders have become a bit weary and exhausted.  This has resulted in them becoming a bit negative and short with their staff.  If you find yourself falling into this negative pattern, recognise it and make a choice to change your mindset.  Focus on being positive for the next 2 weeks and the opportunities that 2021 will bring.  This can have a massive impact on your people leading up to the holidays.

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