Who Are You Thankful For?

With a roller coaster year full of COVID pandemic, travel bans, uncertainty and economic disruption, sometimes it is hard to be thankful.  In the US Thanksgiving is a massive holiday.  Yes it has the common American commercialisation (who doesn’t love Black Friday Sales!), but at its core it’s about something much deeper.

When I was raised, Thanksgiving was about spending time with family and the people you loved and taking the time to reflect about what you were truly thankful for.  I think that this is a wonderful ritual that we should do more often. Although I have lived in Australia for 20 years, we still celebrate Thanksgiving (on the Saturday to make it a bit easier!)

It would be easy to just try to forget about 2020.  Easy to ignore the hardships, uncertainty and stress that we experienced.  However, it’s also to remember the good things.  Appreciate the time that you did have in lockdown at home with family.  The endless card and board games that the kids loved to continue playing.  The renewed interest in cooking and sharing a meal together and the joy of knowing you have a few rolls of toilet paper still in the house!

What would happen if we were more thankful for the experiences, lessons learnt and people around us? If we spent dedicated time sharing a meal with someone where we had a deep conversation that helped both of us gain valuable insights to want to make a positive dent in the world. 

Who Should U Be Thankful For?

  1. Your partner or best friend.  The people that are the closest to us are the ones that we often forget to be thankful for.  I know I am a much better person because of my wife and my close friends than I would be on my own.  Thank you! 
  2. Your Family.  Before the Christmas madness sets in, take the time to let your family know that you are grateful for them in your life.  Give them a hug for no reason and hold onto them a little longer than normal, whisper in their ear you are thankful they are in your lives.  
  3. Your Friends & Colleagues. Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget the friends that have sometimes in the past made a big difference to shaping who we are as people.  Make the time to catch up with them and share a meal and memories.  Let them know you appreciate them.

Take a moment to write down the names of 3 people that you are going to demonstrate that you are thankful for.  It can be a partner, family member, friend or staff member.  

Do something to let them know they are important to you and you are grateful.  Remember it is the little things and gestures that people remember and appreciate.  To show my thankfulness in you reading my e-zine this week, I would like to give 50% off my Leadership Academy Program for the next 4 days, simply click on the link above and select buy and type THANKFUL in the coupon code.  

Remember Stay True to Your Path