Spreading Cheer the Week Before Christmas

With only a week before Christmas, I always notice the excitement starts to increase as people look forward to spending time with family, friends and a break away from work.  Given the challenges of 2020 and the COVID 19 Pandemic, I’m sure that this year will be an even bigger need for people to take time off and relax and enjoy some Christmas cheer.

We need to be mindful to stay COVID safe during the holidays and continue the fight against the pandemic.  This should not however stop our desire to spread cheer and good vibes to those around us.  We can choose to have a negative mindset about the year and take this into the holidays and be the ‘scrooge’ or we can choose to be the person that spreads positive energy and  helps others to remember to smile.

If you are finishing up at work, remember to spread the cheer by wearing a Santa hat or giving others little gifts like Chocolates or something simple that makes them smile.  Many co-workers have also had a challenging year so everyone needs to recognise the progress that has been made and the brightness that the future holds.

When you are at the shops, remember to support the local community and those that have had a rough year and are still struggling to survive.  The more we can help our local businesses, the longer they will be there for us in the future.  With many people planning to limit their travel this year, this provides a great opportunity to support others.

If you would like to spread some Christmas cheer to the kids in the Hands Across the Water homes, any donation would be welcome.  Even small amounts of $20 or $50 can add up and help us continue to provide the support we need.  To donate to Hands please click here.

To all my friends and family I wish you a safe and connected holiday season.