Are You Leading with Purpose?

It feels like every day we hear about increases in COVID19 cases in both the US and the Australian state of Victoria. This has led to feelings of a second wave of the pandemic that has many people afraid.

There is fear around the economic impact and how it may slow down business activity as people hunker down. There is also fear around what will happen when the current Australian government JobKeeper ends.

The problem with fear is that it can become all encompassing and stop leaders from leading with purpose. When we get afraid, we hesitate and our energy changes. Rather than being positive and forward thinking there is the temptation to slow down and pull back to reassess.  

To re-evaluate is an important thing for leaders to take the time to do. It allows us to reassess the current situation and adjust our activity and approach. I spoke to a leader recently that was in panic due to the Melbourne lockdown. Unfortunately, he was stuck in a pattern of doubt. In speaking with him he constantly referred to the ‘What if’ scenario and constantly analysed financial projections to just about everything. He was justifying why he had stopped actively leading his people to analyse possible projections. In reality, it was because he was not sure what to do.    

Leading with purpose is about how you hold yourself and how you lead and impact the people around you. If you are ‘on path’ you will acknowledge the fear, however you will not let it consume your thoughts or stop you from looking for creative ways to find solutions.  

Leaders with purpose create a steady presence of optimism to their people that allow them to stay active and also make things happen. They take the time to encourage their people to think differently, to explore ideas that have not been done before and put more faith in their people’s abilities to overcome huge challenges.

So are you leading with purpose? Are you staying positive and leading your people in a way that they admire and respect? Are you leading in a way that they believe in your vision of the way forward and are committing to overcome challenges that may not have existed in the past but are part of the COVID19 world?

This is one of the main reasons I have launched my new Leadership Academy which includes a 90 day or 6 month mentoring and online program. Manly leaders and business owners are looking for strategies that will support and challenge them to lead during this time of uncertainty. If you would like to find out more, please click here and we will reach out to you with more information. Also if you need a kind word to help you get back on your path, please reach out.

Remember, Stay True to Your Path