Creating Shared Experiences in the COVID World

I was talking to a business owner about how disjointed and challenging it has been for his workforce to come back together in the new COVID world. He’s still facing challenges as one third of his staff are working virtually and it’s been a bit more difficult to get everyone connected (especially with offices in different cities).

This is something that many leaders are now facing. During the lockdown staff had to work virtually and get creative. Most staff got very active as they had more time to focus on work (not to mention all the Zoom meetings that everyone had!) Now there is a bit of fatigue and many leaders are looking for a way to reconnect their people with something different.

I was fortunate to be involved in the Hands Group virtual ‘Ride to Provide’ over the month of June. It was an incredible event that allowed over 250 people across 9 countries to participate. Many of them jumped on an exercise bike or walked whilst listening to a series of interviews with a range of incredible business leaders and inspirational people. Although the main focus was to raise money for charity (over $290k was raised!) it was very apparent that the benefit went far beyond.  

Are you looking for something to help connect your people in a unique way? Something that gives them a shared experience and can unify them as a cohesive team? Then you should consider a Team Virtual Experience. It allows you to engage all of your staff in a fun way that will help provide a connection, share leadership insights as well as get them to participate in staying fit.

Imagine a Team Event that provides a common focus that pulls people together, without taking a lot of time out of the business or spending a large budget. This can occur via 45 minute sessions every morning for 1, 2 or 4 weeks and provide a range of speakers (both internal and external) that share insights whilst your people participate in some form of exercise, be it riding on an exercise bike or walking. The Hands Group has successfully run this event and can also help you to get the benefits for your people. You can also link it into a charity project as well if you wish to help provide an extra dimension and create a deeper sense of community.

If you would like to find out more, please reach out and let me know. As a Hands Board member, I can help you understand the benefits and how you could use it to create an incredible shared experience for your people. I think with the uncertainty of COVID19 leaders need to create meaningful ways that enable people to connect and feel supported.