Are You Building Your Future Leaders?

“How can I improve my future leaders when our business and operations have been knocked around in COVID19? I know that I need to do something, but finding the time and the method to do it is challenging right now.” 

This question came from a conversation I had with a Senior Leader this week. She knew that she had to do something to keep the next generation of leaders developing, but she was concerned. Many had been working more hours to fill in for some of the casual staff that had been released during the height of the pandemic. Their workload was up and a few were starting to show signs of fatigue.

What many of us need to do is to start changing the way that we develop our future leaders – and ourselves. We need to fight the urge to push this need back. So what can you do?

One option is to find a way to provide them with touch-points that inspire and motivate them as well as provide them with a number of strategies that they can use to improve their leadership. It needs to allow them easy accessibility and not stop them from their current workload (nothing worse than attending a 2 day workshop and having to return to 500 emails!)

A smart way to do this is to sign up for the Future of Leadership Membership. This is a great way to provide your up and coming leaders with monthly and quarterly learning inspiration to help support and stretch them. What the Hands Group has done is taking their highly successful Leadership Conference and adapted it into an ongoing format that goes above and beyond a single day. It includes Monthly Webinars, Masterclasses as well as Leadership Bytes Virtual Conference that package 5-6 leading speakers to share their wisdom in a quick half day power-charged event. The Learning Hub also provides access to top leadership experts including: Dan Gregory, Dr Adam Fraser, Samantha Gash, Alison Hill and many more!

I believe that blended learning is the new future and many of us have already received some incredible insights learning online. I also know a number of leaders who have also signed up to the Future of Leadership Membership Program to enable themselves to get that additional motivation that is so helpful during these challenging times. What are you doing to stay sharp?

If you would like to find out more please go to the Future of Leadership Website. Also if you would like me to explain how this could be customised to your for your people and your up and coming leaders by adapting it into a Leadership Lunch Program or how you could create a Leadership Learning Week, please let me know by clicking here.