Will You Make Pasta for Mothers Day?

I am very lucky to live in a wonderful place that is close to the beach and has incredible places to eat.  One of our family’s favourite places to eat is Pilu/Acquafresca because of the authentic Italian food.  I have known Giovanni Pilu for over 15 years, we met when our daughter started school together.  I have watched in admiration as he gained many accolades including achieving two hats for his amazing food.

To help others learn the art of making pasta, he held a pasta making class.  With Mother’s Day coming this Sunday, I quickly bought a few tickets to take both my wife and my mother-in-law (ok, I admit I was getting some positive deposits into the emotional bank account, but it was amazing!)  We had a wonderful experience learning about the different (and easy) ways to make fresh pasta at home and of course enjoyed the fresh pasta afterward.

As Giovanni took us through the art of making pasta, everyone was listening to the wisdom that he shared.  The way he spoke about the importance of the ingredients (fresh healthy flour, not high processed cheap store flour!) and the importance of the sauce and how this can bring together the entire dish.

What I especially liked is how he has a ritual with his family where they will all make the pasta together and then roll or shape it for their dinner.  It sounds like a great way to have a nice red wine and enjoy the company of family.  We have already committed to doing this as a family and we are looking forward to putting into practice the skills we just learned.

So what will you be doing to make Mother’s Day this weekend special?  How can you show your appreciation to those that have helped to raise children and be a positive influence in their life?  Sometimes we get so busy with everything else that we forget to make these moments special, especially for those that we are truly grateful for.  Don’t wait to plan something on Sunday morning, take some time now to plan to make it a special day.  I can also highly recommend making some pasta!

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