Building Future Leaders

“We’re trying to get things back to normal, but it feels like a lot of my staff feel a bit stuck at the moment.  They have a massive workload, and we are trying to make the hybrid workplace work and still not where we need to be yet.”

This came from a conversation I had with a Senior Leader this week.  He knew that he needed to do something to keep the next generation of leaders developing, but he was concerned.  Many had been working more hours to keep up with the workload and several were starting to show signs of fatigue.

When you have done something that is exhausting, sometimes it is important to get some re-motivation and new ideas to help you and your people gain some momentum. Rather than just slogging away and hoping for this inspiration to come in between the massive workload, many people need something else. So what can you do?

A smart way to do this is to sign up for the Future of Leadership Conference.  These incredible one and half day events have started to be rolled out across Australia and the feedback has been incredible.  You and your leaders get the chance to learn from some of the best minds in the country.

You will need to be quick as only the Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth locations are remaining and they will be once again a great way to re-motivate yourselves and your people.

Please click here to find out more and join us as and support Hands Across the Water.  I will be speaking in Adelaide on the 19th of May and Perth on the 20th of May so it will be great to see some of my clients and friends that I have missed during the lockdowns.  Use the Promo code Scott15 to receive 15% off.