What kind of person are you?

So what kind of person are you? As I look around I often see people fall into three distinct categories when it comes to making a difference to others or taking the time to give to others (not just family but the greater community as well).

The first group are the TAKERS. These are the people that are constantly taking from others. They often mention that work is so busy that they do not have time to help others (including their family!) They often forget about other people, the things that are important to them, as well as their community. They are happy to ‘take’, however when something doesn’t go their way they are often the first to complain.

The second group are the PRETENDERS. These are the people that often say the right things around what is important and how to look after others as well making the world and the communities that we live in a better place. They love to spend time on Facebook typing in their thoughts, however they rarely take action beyond the keystrokes on the screen. Unfortunately often these people may be extremely financially successful, but they do not give back in donations, their time or their expertise to build stronger communities. They pretend to care, however, they don’t take any action.

The final group are the GIVERS. These people are the ones who take the time to give to others. They volunteer at their children’s sporting clubs, they participate in the local schools and they provide their time and energy to help make things a bit better. Givers assist financially through donations or by organising events to raise awareness or gather funds for something that is bigger than themselves. Ask anyone if they know these people and they will tell you, and more importantly they will usually have a big smile on their face and their energy shifts to a more positive place. Some of the most admired people in the world come from this group and the world is a better place because of them.

So what group do you fall into? I admit if I look back through my life I have spent phases in each of these three groups. Usually, it was because I was so busy with something else that I may have mixed up my focus and my priorities. Are you seen as a giver or as someone who is too busy taking, or focused on other things rather than what really matters?

Sometimes we just need a little bit of inspiration from other leaders about some of the projects that they have undertaken to stretch themselves.  

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