The Leadership Race

As we head into May I have been hearing a common theme from most of my clients, the pace of business is frantic.  There are too many tasks to complete, too many emails to send and respond to and not enough staff to keep up!  This is creating what I call a leadership race.  

The leaders that have the ability to keep their team focused, keep them effective and keep them engaged will be the leaders that win the leadership race.  The challenge is that many leaders are currently so busy that they are being reactive and not taking the time to think or plan ahead.  This is resulting in them missing opportunities to increase their own effectiveness and that of their staff.

How Can You Win the Leadership Race:

  • Take Time to Think.  When we become reactive, we forget to think.  Leaders make short-sided decisions that can have negative consequences internally and outside the organisation.  Take the time to stop and think before just reacting, this also requires thinking at a different level to see what is beyond and what is immediately in front of you.
  • Focus & Engage Staff.  For most businesses, their success is dependent on their people’s ability to focus on completing tasks and be committed to an outcome.  Leaders need to take the time to ensure their people are focused on the vision and find ways to engage them into discussions, ideas, decisions, planning and activity.
  • Grow Your Mind. Leaders know that they need to keep growing and expanding their knowledge and their mind.  When we are really busy, it is easy to push this into the unknown future.  Resist this temptation and ensure that you are learning at least 2-3 new things every day through blogs, reading, white papers, discussions or any other learning source.  

Remember that now, as we come out of the COVID pandemic there are massive opportunities for leaders to help move their organisation forward.  If you would like to learn some insights from the best leadership experts in the country, you should sign up for the Future of Leadership Conference which will be held in 9 different cities from July to August.  

If you would like to organise a table at a special rate, please contact me and I can help you bring a number of your staff, your team, or your entire organisation for a day of learning and inspiration.