Are you a leader others would follow?

I have a question for you, do your staff follow you because they want to or they have to?  It is a good question to ask when looking in the mirror and seeing what others see.  With the pressure to perform and make things happen with tighter and tighter deadlines (and with less staff), many managers have been buckling under the pressure.  Rather than connecting and engaging with their people, they are reacting and for some not being the leaders they want to be.

I often see this expressed in their attitude, their approach or their impact on others.  So I’ll ask again, if you did not have the title that you currently have, would your people still follow you?  Would they put in the additional hours and creativity because of their commitment to you?  What does it take to be a leader that others want to follow? 

How to be a Leader others will follow:

  • Inspire.  When a leader inspires others they create a connection that is deep and personal.  Staff admire the way that they think as well as the way that they treat others, regardless of position or title.  These leaders encourage others to be better people, not just better employees.  What are you doing to inspire your people?
  • Teach.  Leaders that take the time to teach and share their wisdom with staff are the ones that are remembered.  Taking the time to coach someone or provide them with additional support when they are doing something new (or when they make a mistake!) is key to being an effective leader.  When was the last time you taught your people?
  • Lead. Taking action as a leader is not always easy.  Sometimes there can be some difficult decisions that need to be made that some leaders shy away from.  A true leader leads by taking action and by walking the talk.  This also includes taking responsibility for mistakes and being accountable to their staff when things do not go as planned.  What can you do to show that you are leading?   

During this post COVID pandemic we need strong and engaging leaders that others will follow now more than ever before.  If you would like to learn some insights from the best leadership experts in the country, please sign up for the Future of Leadership Conference which will be held in 9 different cities from July to August.  

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