Would They Vote for You?

The world is currently holding its breath for the outcome of the US Presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  It has been a roller coaster of a year full of pandemics, ravaged economies, lockdowns and protests.  On top of this the US Election day has finished and the votes are still being counted and it looks like it is going to be a very close election.

It got me thinking about how so many people vote for one candidate or another.  What is it that gets us to be attracted to or admired as a leader?   In a Presidential election the stakes are extremely high for a country given any newly elected leader which sets the tone based on their approach and will impact millions of people and make things better or worse.

So would your people vote for you?  If you did not have positional power (or the authority to fire them) would they line up, willingly to support you?  When another candidate is put forward, what would they say that shows their commitment to you and the way you lead and impact others?  What legacy would they say that you would be leaving behind?  Would it be something that others would admire or would it be the happiness and joy people felt once your reign was over?

Having the title of leadership is easy.  What is challenging is being the type of leader that others admire because of the way leadership is demonstrated and role modelled.  Any leader can get short term results by creating havoc, dividing people and creating fear (and many short term dictators in the business world have done this creating short term profits only to have the company quickly lose out in the long run).  Only the truly great leaders can get results by unifying and inspiring people to strive to be better than they are and do it in an inclusive way.  

If you are a leader that would like to have a complimentary session with me to check if your people would vote for you (or checking your leadership team’s approach), feel free to reach out.   Click here for a complimentary session with me.

Regardless of the US election result, history remembers the leaders that brought people together for the common good and those that used fear to divide people to control them. 

Remember, Stay True to Your Path.