The Power of Enthusiasm

This year has been challenging. Regardless if it was the COVID19 pandemic, lockdowns, economic challenges or the uncertainty, most of us would agree that 2020 has been a bit of a roller coaster.

In talking with different leaders, I am finding a range of mindsets. At one end some leaders are still struggling with the changes and how to get their people to stay focused and positive. Unfortunately, I am noticing that these leaders and their organisations are not performing as well as they could. At the other end of the spectrum are the leaders that have gotten creative, adapted and mobilised their people in a different way. It is as if they chose to take a different mindset and approach these new tasks with enthusiasm.

Many people are not aware of the power of enthusiasm. It has the ability to spread to people and allow them to achieve more than they thought was possible. I had the pleasure of working with the leaders from Dirty Janes, an antique vintage business with 2 stores in Australia (Bowral and Canberra). It was inspiring to hear their story of how well they have been going since the beginning of the year.

Imagine investing in the planning and opening of a new vintage antique store and after 2 weeks having to close it due to COVID19. Rather than panic, the owners, Jane & Bob made a decision to stay positive and keep communication with their staff and stall holders open. They stayed focused and continued with social media and when they opened up again people flocked to their stores because they wanted to get away from the big city.

Even during a pandemic, things are going well, but this is all due to the enthusiasm that they bring and spread across their staff every day. You can also see the enthusiasm in the faces of their staff as they assist customers with their questions. If you get a chance check out their Dirty Janes Website.

So what are you doing to harness your power of enthusiasm? Are you keeping a positive mindset and ensuring that you are spreading hope and opportunity? If you would like to check in and get your enthusiasm topped up in a complimentary session with me, click here.