Leadership Learning or Netflix Binge

What are you doing to keep learning and mentally active? I have found that the COVID19 pandemic has impacted people in very different ways. Some of my friends have focused on getting fit and have been doing a lot of running and now back at the gym. Others have spent a lot more time on Netflix watching movie marathons (there are some good series on as well as a few poor ones too!) A few have turned to reading that book on leadership that they’ve been meaning to pick up for a while and were too busy to.

For me I have tried to focus on family as well as on learning. During the height of COVID when all 3 kids were at home we spent time every day shooting baskets with our basketball hoop, we have now switched to a ping pong table! I still have the image of my 14 year old son gliding across the living room on a skateboard while playing the electric guitar!

As a leader, I also recognise that it is important for me to keep stretching my thinking and my learning. With the downturn and uncertainty it can be easy to just coast and not be proactive (who doesn’t like trying to knock off early on a Friday!) However if we start getting complacent, this can create a pattern that often leads to inactivity and reaction, rather than leading and creating our future. 

So what are you doing to keep your learning happening? Are you watching Youtube videos that share interesting ideas? Have you signed up for webinars from people that you admire? Regardless, I think this is something we should do more of.

One way to get some leadership inspiration is from the Hands Leadership Bytes Online Conference. It takes place on the 10th of September from 10am-3pm AEST. You will listen to Adventurer Justin Jones as he talks about overcoming adversity and building resilience and Amanda Stevens who will talk about future proofing your brand in changing times as well as 15 other incredible leadership and business speakers who will help stretch your mindset and provide you with inspiration.

If you would like to find out more please go to the Leadership Bytes Website. Also if you would like me to explain how this or a number of other Programs (including a Virtual Fitness Week that could be the thing that your people need to get out of a funk), please let me know. Also if you would like a book that gives you some practical insights to be more effective in Leading, pick up a copy of my book Leadership Hacks here.