Are You Letting Fear Lead You?

I was watching the Last Dance documentary on the incredible basketball player Michael Jordan. It was very clear how much of a leader he was. One of the quotes that I remember was from when he was asked by a reporter about missing the last shot of a previous game and if he was nervous about being in that situation again.  It was fascinating to watch as Michael Jordan just looked at the reporter and smiled and said ‘why would I be afraid of not making a shot that I have not taken yet?’

I know with the current COVID19 lockdown in Victoria and NSW being nervous about the potential second wave this has created some anxiety and fear.  I was working with a group of leaders yesterday about getting their people active and trying to innovate new ways of doing things.  There was a great discussion around the fear of making a mistake and having the new ideas fail.  Then one of the leaders said; ‘Why would we stop ourselves from trying something that we have not done before just out of fear of it possibly not working?’  

I shared the Michael Jordan quote with them and it immediately changed the energy in the room.  Rather than focusing on what could go wrong or how it may not work, they let go of the fear and started talking about how it could work and what they would need to put in place to help it succeed.

So are you letting fear stop you creating ideas of trying something new?  Are you stuck in operating from a pre-COVID19 mindset and not willing to explore new ways of operating?  

I think that sometimes life has a way of throwing things at us that stretch us and often force us to grow to the next level by doing things that we would not naturally (or easily!) do.

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