Join a Virtual Shared Experience

Many leaders are looking for a way to get their people to connect with one another in a meaningful way.  This has been more challenging for some with people in isolation and businesses just starting to open up.

We know that when people have a shared experience they create a deeper bond or connection.  I have seen this on conferences with clients that were incredible and above and beyond the typical conference talk fest.  Way back when I was an adventure guide, I witnessed this kind of experience, when family members or close friends would stretch themselves outside their comfort zone with a new experience.  Afterwards they would have this unique smile that they would remember of the time they spent together.

If you can create a shared experience that goes above and beyond what you normally do, this will create an amazing touchpoint. Dale Beaumont runs an incredible business helping SMEs, called Business Blueprint. For the past 5 years he’s taken participants on a Business Blueprint ride in Thailand for a shared experience.  They raise money for the Thai children in the homes to help others in need and meet the staff and kids that they are helping.  It has become an incredible shared experience for them, with many coming back year after year.

So what are you doing to create shared experiences with your staff that goes above and beyond a typical staff team dinner? (Which is hard to do with COVID19!)  One shared experience that you could sign up for as a team is the Hands Across the Water Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge.    With the economic uncertainty from the COVID19 pandemic the charity sector has been hit very, very hard, Hands needs a little help.  In fact, Hands is facing its largest battle ever to find funds to keep feeding the 300+ kids and staff at 7 homes across Thailand.  

You could create a team of staff and participate in this virtual challenge.  During the month of June you could get staff active outside or inside on an exercise bike with a goal of riding, walking or other forms of exercise.  Some people will go for the virtual 800km ride challenge whilst others will set their own goal for walking, running, doing push ups or anything else that gets them moving.

A shared experience also means more if it is not just about you.  So having a fundraising element adds another dimension and can help motivate those of us that need a bit of extra!   Raising $16.60 per day during the month of June toward a target of $500 is very achievable.  In fact many people that have signed up have been surprised how easy it was on their Facebook Fundraiser to reach their target and the ride hasn’t even started yet!)

Please join me on the Virtual Challenge or if you can spare a few bucks click here.

If you are a leader remember to look for ways to create a shared experience to help deepen the bond between your people.  They will thank you for it!