Are You Up for a Virtual Challenge?

Many of us have been social distancing (or in isolation) for around 6 week, it’s been a large block of time that has changed the way we interact and connect with others.

So what are you doing to keep up your connection with others while you are social distancing? I have been talking to a number of leaders who have had many of their staff on split shifts or working from home. One of the big challenges for many people is how to balance their workload with home interruptions from others. On top of this many people have become very physically inactive. Who ever knew that sitting in front of a laptop and going from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting can be exhausting!

So what can you do to get active and connect with others? How can you get over this virtual challenge? I am glad that you asked. My wife has been running Zoom exercise classes for her elderly parents (who are still keeping to isolation due to their age). This has allowed her to spend more time with them and connect and get fit at the same time – a pretty good combination.

One challenge can be in finding something that you can do from home that allows you to get some exercise without running in the rain and cold weather (or getting back to the gym whenever they eventually open!) Another is having an activity that you can do with others to help both of you be accountable and have a shared experience that connects you as well.

As many of you know I am a Board member for Hands Across the Water. With the Australian bushfires earlier in the year and the current COVID19 pandemic the charity sector has been hit very, very hard. In fact, Hands is facing its largest battle ever to find funds to keep feeding the 300+ kids and staff that we have at our 7 homes across Thailand. The team has come up with a fun experience that will allow us to get fit, connect with others and help the kids that desperately need our help. It’s called the Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge.

During the month of June you can get active outside or inside on an exercise bike with a goal of riding 800km, which is about 45-60minutes of riding each day. You can also participate in the daily virtual rides via Zoom Webinar which allows you to connect and share your experience with others.  

So if you are looking for something unique to get in shape and to give back to others this is it. It would be great if you would join me and sign up to participate in the Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge. Or if you are already staying physically fit through other means you can help sponsor me so we can both continue the support that Hands needs. I need to raise at least $16.60 per day for every day in June to reach my target of $500.  

Please join me on the Virtual Challenge or if you can spare a few bucks click here.

If we as leaders role model what we are doing to keep active and fit as well as connect and make a difference to others, we are on the right track!