Are You a Trusted Advisor?

I was recently working with a group of Sales Account Managers and discussing with them how the world of selling has changed. In the past, it was all about a salesperson’s ability to convince a customer to buy (even if it stretched the truth!) 

However with online selling and more competition today, people selling need to establish themselves as a trusted advisor. Someone that is not just interested in a sales transaction, but someone that will continually add value to their clients after the sale. People want to do business and pay for services from those that are trusted advisors. 

So what are you doing to become a trusted advisor? How many other people not only know of you but would recommend you to others as someone that they can trust? Here are 5 common characteristics that these Trusted Advisors have in common:

  1. Others Trust Them. This is one of the most important components. When other people that you know and trust them, you naturally will trust them. (Think of a time when one of your friends recommended someone or someplace to you—we almost always instantly trust them due to this referral).
  2. They Have their Order Right. They focus on the individuals that they are trying to help and are very aware of finding a solution that does not just serve themselves. This also means that they are transparent with what they are recommending—even if it is not in their own interest.
  3. They Build Trust. When they communicate with people (including prospective clients) they have an ability to build rapport and trust. It is more than the words that they speak, it’s the energy behind their words that are in alignment and they have an ability to truly connect with others.
  4. They Personalise their Touchpoints.  These trusted advisors do not just have sporadic communication with people. They find a way to personalise their interactions regardless if it is face to face, over the phone or via e-mail. They add value to these touchpoints in a way that people look forward to interacting with them.
  5. Advocates Promote them. Regardless if they are providing a service or a product they will have advocates that trust them so much that they go out of their way to promote them to others. They do not just mention a trust advisors name in passing. They take action to call and set up an introduction because they trust the relationship so much.

By taking action and adding value you can become a Trusted Advisor—and be appreciated for the difference that you make (not to mention the referrals you will receive!)