What’s Holding You Back?

I had an interesting client coaching session.  In discussion with a leader they were talking about how they have been struggling to find their rhythm since the pandemic changed things.  He was reflecting on how he felt it was harder for him to get motivated and get his staff (and himself) to keep a positive mindset and keep innovating.

This made me start thinking about what holds us back from doing the things we know we should be doing.  Have you ever had a great idea that you know would be great to implement at work, but just did not follow it through?  Why?  There are a range of reasons, often it is because we are afraid of failing, don’t believe others will support us or we just feel a bit stuck when we are trying to do things on our own.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep the forward momentum:

  1. Share Your Ideas.  One reason why we don’t implement some of the great things that we could, is that we do not share the ideas with others.  Often when we share an idea with someone else the energy around the idea picks up, which starts to create some momentum and makes it easier.
  2. Map Your Idea – Get it out of your head.  Given how busy everyone is, it can be easy to keep doing what we have been doing and not push the boundaries of what is possible.  A great idea is to capture these great ideas down on paper, tablet or laptop so we do not forget about them.  I remember working with a very, very successful 85 year old business person.  I noticed in discussions throughout the day he would take a small notebook out of his back pocket and write a few things down.  I asked him later on what he was capturing and he said ‘great ideas.’  When he explained why he attributed his success from his ability to capture and implement good ideas.  Pretty impressive given he was worth around $250million!
  3. Work with a Leadership Mentor.  Sometimes we just get stuck and need someone that will help support and challenge us to step up to the next level.  This could be a trusted friend, advisor or mentor that has wisdom to share, and the relationship to guide you in implementing your ideas.

Because so many of my clients have been struggling to get their rhythm and approach back on track, I have developed a new Leadership Efficiency Program (LEP) that is designed to help you get more things done and mobilise your people in a 90 day Format.  If you would like to find out more in a free 20 minute consultation, please click on this link and I’ll be in touch.