Do You Need to Hack your Leadership?

I have a question for you.  Are you getting everything done in a fast and efficient way?  Are you using Clever Shortcuts that allow you to get better results in less time?  I believe that most people are on the autopilot treadmill and they are taking the same approach they did 5 years ago today and many are struggling to keep up—especially post the pandemic!

There are some practical Leadership Hacks that we can use to get more done in less time and do it in a way that keeps our relationships with staff (and our family!) intact and strong.  We just need to identify a few clever shortcuts and implement them into our everyday way of operating.

There are 3 simple strategies that can be used to find more time and hack your current approach.

Look at Current vs Ideal Activity.  One of the best ways to find where you can have more time is to capture where you are currently spending your time.  Map out on paper (or an ipad) the current area of focus and the % of time that you are spending on each area.  Next on a new sheet of paper map out where you should be focusing your activity and the % of time.  This is an easy way to capture where you may need to shift your focus or delegate a few tasks to others. 

Limit The Email & Social Media Time Vortex.  Have you ever just quickly gone onto Facebook and you get distracted looking at posts (from friends from years ago) and then you realise that you have just lost 20 minutes of time?  Many of us have a challenge when it comes to hacking our time on our digital devices.  Next time set your timer on your phone and limit the amount of time (or use the inbuilt screen apps to track it and see how much time you are wasting!).

Delegate More.  Most leaders know that they should be delegating tasks to others, they just hold onto things.  Take the time to identify what you should be handing off to others and then set up a time to work with them to map how to achieve this task.  Most people screw up delegation because they do not take the time to work with others to jointly develop a plan of attack don’t be that person.

Everyone is busy, we just need to find ways to be a bit more clever in how we approach our tasks.  If you are interested in me running a series of 2 hour Masterclass showing your people how to hack their leadership using clever shortcuts let me know.  A number of clients are booking for next financial year and using the remainder of this year’s budget to leverage opportunity.  I would be more than happy to have a phone discussion or a cuppa to share more clever strategies, just reach out to me at [email protected].