Here are 5 things that put high achievers ahead of the rest of us

Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Report showed that 52% of generation Z and millennials are likely to change their employers this year, which for many may mean it is time to step up into a new role. 

So how do we stand out as someone that is ready to progress in our career into the next leadership role? Here are 5 key things that High achievers do that separate them from the pack.

#1 Ability to Be Productive Anywhere

Regardless of if they are in the office or working remotely, high achievers know how to get more things done in less time.  During pandemic lockdowns research reported that 94% of employees surveyed kept their productivity the same or higher as before. 

 Now that many people have moved back to the office, many managers are noticing productivity has started to slip as people get distracted trying to work in blended environments.  High achievers are productive by allocating time to two types of activity. 1) Work Activity that is about focusing on completing tasks required in the role, and 2) Recharge Activity that enables them to recharge their mindset and energy and continue being productive throughout the day. This can include going for a brisk walk to get some fresh air or taking 20 minutes for stretching, yoga or meditation.

#2 Focus on the Future

When starting to work on projects, high achievers continue to focus on the future. They allocate time to both immediate tasks as well as look for future opportunities. This allows them to allocate time for the urgent tasks as well as regularly invest the necessary time developing skills and innovative thinking with an eye on the future.

Rather than making limited short-term decisions for quick wins, they take a longer commercially smart approach by identifying and communicating the future ROI of the projects that they are leading and how this can help better position their company (and themselves) for the future.

#3 Delegate Effectively

Many people can effectively complete a task on their own unfortunately the trick comes when they need someone else to do this task for them. A high achiever has the ability to delegate to other people, so they understand what to do and are motivated to take action. Delegation is more than just telling people what to do and hoping for the best outcome. 

High achievers work with their people to identify the plan forward and empower them to complete these tasks without micromanaging them. The use delegation hacks to ensure that they delegate the right task at the right level to the right person in the right way at the right time.

#4 Communicate Clearly

Communication can be a challenging task when you are working in a hybrid workplace with some people in the office and some working remotely. Many people are struggling with the transition to the new workplace with too much, too little or inconsistent information being communicated via email.

 To help adjust to this shift, high achievers focus on communicating clearly with others. When communicating via email they make it easier for the recipient. They use an email send hack that informs the recipient of one of 5 actions to take: FYI, Need information, Decision, Action to Take, or Meeting required.

#5 Collaborate Quickly

Everyone knows that a team is stronger than the individual and high achievers are no exception. They find ways to collaborate with others and share the responsibility as well as the success when things are achieved. 

When starting a project high achievers take an open approach with others working in a collective way to identify the way forward. They often capture ideas visually to allow everyone involved with the opportunity to see and fully understand what needs to be done. By taking the role of a facilitator they allow a collective group of people to move faster toward completing a task.

Currently there is a tremendous opportunity for high achievers to advance to the next level. The key is implementing leadership hacks that can fast track your performance and your career.