How Many In Office Days vs Remote Days?

As the Easter break finishes many people are starting to go back into the office.  The fear of COVID and isolation is becoming a distant memory as Australia and many parts of the world have high vaccination rates and we head into herd immunity into the future.

I spoke with a supervisor who mentioned her people were coming back into the office and they were struggling with how to get the balance right for how many days in the office vs at home.  This is a complex question to be solved because each organisation will have different needs.  With staff wanting the flexibility of the workplace this is something that needs to be considered carefully.

According to the Steelcase Global Report, the majority of people expected to work at least one day a week remotely.  In Australia the research showed:

59% expect to work 1 day a week remotely

30% expect to work 2-3 days per week remotely

11% expect to work 4-5 days per week remotely

So what approach are you taking in your organisation?  Are you taking a fixed or flexible approach to your people’s working location and the number of days at each?

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