Have You Started the New Leadership Journey?

With the COVID19 pandemic, leaders have been stretched to the next level.  Initially they needed to find out how they were going to function remotely, whilst keeping cash-flow occurring, navigate government requirements and find a way to keep results above water.  Now, many leaders are trying to navigate how to keep their people focused with many shifting to a virtual or hybrid workforce.  

We have entered what I refer to as the ‘New Leadership Journey’.  The next phase will require leaders to elevate the way they think and the way they implement to a new and higher level.  Leaders will need to increase their agility of action with the speed of decision making.  In addition they will need to find new ways to keep staff that are working remotely, motivated and build a positive team culture.

So what is your plan?  If you think that staff are just going to return back to the office working a full day everyday as they used to, you will find it will be difficult to keep the best and the brightest workers.  During the pandemic staff have realised that they enjoy the flexibility of working remotely and the increase of up to 2 hours per day that they gain when they do not have to commute to and from the office.

I believe that leaders need to build up their skills in a new way of operating.  They need to start the ‘New Leadership Journey’ to find the balance of connecting and engaging their people, without micromanaging them.  They need to encourage autonomy of their staff, and find a way to motivate them if they are not working side by side 5 days a week.  Most importantly they will need to find a way to mobilise their people in a way that builds innovation and lifts performance, not relying on old school KPI’s and systems.

If you want some help getting a competitive advantage you should start the Leadership Journey Program.  This 90 day jumpstart program is designed to lift your abilities in managing the hybrid workforce and keeping staff performing at the next level.  Please Click Here for a Free 15 minute Consultation to find out more.