Are You Creating Customer ‘WOWS’?

What are you doing that is absolutely incredible to customers?  This is a common question that I ask business owners as well as managers.  Unfortunately the response that I usually get are the common things that were considered leading – 10 years ago!

Everyone knows that customer expectations continue to increase, this is human nature.  Once customers receive something they enjoy, this becomes their new normal and after a period of time they are looking for what is going to be the next thing that impresses them. 

So what are you doing?  Is it sending your people to boring customer service training that encourages them to smile when they are on the phone?  Is it spending thousands and thousands of dollars on customer satisfaction surveys that measure the old things that used to be important?   

Or are you doing something truly different that is blowing customers away?

There are plenty of examples of things people and leading edge companies are doing to “WOW” their customers.  Los Angeles World Airport (LAX) started a wonderful program a few years ago called the PUP Program.  This allows volunteers to bring dogs around the airport terminal to help provide stress relief and comfort to passengers through interactions with pets.

The dogs are easily spotted as they wear a red ‘Pet Me’ vest. The handlers are in red shirts with the PUP logo and have been trained with these therapy dogs to roam the departure levels in the airport gate areas.  The handlers also provide information and inform passengers about any LAX projects or construction.  Although the pandemic has reduced some of their activity, they are still doing something to ‘WOW’ passengers.  Here’s the link if you’d like to check out this great program.

What are you doing to create advocates for your business that share the power of your customer experience and tell others, even if they have not experienced it first hand?