Are You Able to Debate Like a President?

The US had their first presidential election debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden this week. When I think of a ‘Presidential debate’ I have quite high expectations of what that would look like.

The President (and the candidate running for President) is a revered role and for many people is viewed as what should be the ideal role model for future leaders to look up to and admire and mimic their approach.

Wow, this was certainly not what was displayed in the debate. Both candidates talked over one another, loosely shared their vision and stance on the topics and overall left most of the people watching wondering what happened.

This makes me think about what many leaders in organisations and businesses across Australia and the world do when they are trying to communicate their vision. Unfortunately, I have attended many conferences where the CEO or MD tries to deliver their vision for the way forward, but unfortunately completely misses the mark. Too often they use formal business language that is unclear and full of jargon that many staff just can’t relate to. What we want in our leaders are those that can capture and deliver their vision in a way that is inspirational and encourages us to follow them because of who they are and how they will lead towards the vision.

So the next time you need to share the way forward with your people, remember to avoid long winded rants and stick to sharing what it is you stand for and why it is important. If we had more leaders doing this, the world could be better (and someone please pass this onto the Presidential candidates!).

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