Please Join me for the Hands Big Night In

Imagine creating a charity and growing it to take care of 350 Thai Children at 6 different locations. Better yet growing the success of the charity to raise over $20million (without any government assistance!) to not only provide for the kids but enable over 50 of them to go to University to better their opportunities in life.

This is the story of Hands Across the Water.  Many of you know that I am a founding Board member and have worked with Peter Baines over the last 15 years to make a positive difference in people’s lives (both the kids and our supporters!) Hands also ensured that 100% of donations has gone to the projects on the ground in Thailand, without donors funds being spent on marketing or administration, which is an incredible achievement.

But now we need your help. For Hands to continue we need your support now more than ever. Normally 80% of our funding comes from events (including bike rides in Thailand and the Future of Leadership Conference Series in Australia & NZ). With these events not possible in the COVID world Hands has lost this funding and our future is under threat.

So this is where you come in. Rather than asking for a donation I would like to invite you to join me for a night of celebration. Normally this time of year we gather together and share our vision forward and have a celebration of what has been achieved.

This year however, Hands is having a Big Night In Event on Saturday the 31st of October (yes Halloween!) You can sign up on the website and host your own family or a small group of friends for an evening of inspiration and connection all from the comfort of your home. Please join us for a shared experience which will include:

  • Dinner Box that is sent to you which includes: Visa Gift Voucher (to order in your dinner) wine table decorations and a few other surprises.
  • 4 Hours of Online Entertainment from some inspirational speakers and live crosses to a number of the homes in Thailand to see the kids and staff you are supporting
  • Potential Deals-Charity Auction. An opportunity to purchase some great things in the online charity auction.

So please join me in having a wonderful shared experience in the Hands Big Night In. It will be something that will put a smile on your face, which we all need during these uncertain times.