So What’s the Next Big Thing?

So What's the Next Big Thing?

I was involved in a series of webinars and the concern of disruption was one of the hot topics.  Everywhere you look you can see disruption that is coming from multiple industries as a constant barrage.  Many of my clients are looking around to see what is their point of difference or edge that they can use.

These changes are coming from new technological platforms that offer faster and more integrated ways of doing things, shift in societal and work trends with many of the younger generation willing to forgo a big salary to have a better work/life way of living, an uncertainty of what this means to business and individuals moving forward.

A close friend of mine, Nils Vesk is an innovation expert and is the author of several books including Innovation Archetypes and Ideas with Legs.  He is also brilliant at getting people to look forward and identify emerging social-cultural trends as well as how you can innovate to stay in front of them.

Nils, along with 2 other innovative speakers, Blythe Rowe and Paul Carson are running a half day Next Big Thing event in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane that will allow you to recognise emerging trends that may impact you as well as what you can do to stay in front of the competition.  You will also have the opportunity to generate a Personal Trends Chart & Strategy Map on the day.

Because of my relationship with Nils, I have been able to get a handful of free tickets to each of these events and offer them to you at no cost. 

  1. Why You Should Attend:  To stay in front of the Next Big Thing you need to take yourself out of your routine and get the innovative juices flowing in a way that is productive.  You get to listen to world-class speakers, as well as receive registration to an 8-week online innovation program.  You can attend in Sydney on 31 May, in Melbourne on 1st June or in Brisbane on 14th of June. 
  2. How to Register For Free Anchor(Saving you $399)  Nils has provided me with a handful of complimentary tickets for each event so get in quick before they are gone.  Normal cost to attend this great event is $399 each.   On the day the value you will receive will be much greater than this as it is worth over $1499.  To register, please use the coupon SCOTT on the following link:

If you would like to gather some additional ideas and get your brain thinking at a higher level I invite you to attend the attend one of the Next Big Thing Events.  Remember to make sure that you are looking at how to stay on the leading edge of your industry and your people and what you can do to create the next big thing.